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The web site of Kelly C. Ruggles. Kelly C. Ruggles, President of American Reliance Group, Inc., is a well known educator and fee-based financial planner. |
Kelly Ruggles is the author of "The Financial Playbook" for Retirement.
Kelly C. Ruggles, Financial Planner and Educator

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November, 2009
Kelly Ruggles Helps Retirees with Customized Retirement Plans

Kelly Ruggles, a Spokane, Washington financial planner, believes all investors should consider a customized retirement plan when nearing retirement. According to Kelly Ruggles, a customized plan can "go a long way" in establishing a stable retirement. By utilizing a structured process, clients of Kelly Ruggles have a better opportunity to work towards their goals, including leaving a legacy for their families if thatís their choice.

Kelly Ruggles suggests that his clients help build customized retirement plans that will meet their specific financial and retirement goals. Throughout his years of working in the financial industry, Kelly Ruggles has observed that every person has different requirements from a financial plan, hence any standard plan cannot meet the needs of every person. An experienced financial planner like Kelly Ruggles can help retirees create a financial plan that will suit their individual wants and needs.

Kelly Ruggles believes in educating his clients about retirement financial planning, and in doing so providing them with improved knowledge regarding the investment status of their money. Kelly Ruggles also holds workshops and seminars where he delivers lectures about various financial planning strategies and the need for customized retirement plans. The retirees who attend his workshops can learn about mutual fund investments, saving money while paying taxes, common investment mistakes to be avoided, and more. Kelly Ruggles also has written and published several articles about various financial strategies.

In addition, Kelly Ruggles is the founder of American Reliance Group, Inc., a company that aims to provide reliable, customized financial advice to persons about to retire. Learn more about Kelly Ruggles and the various services offered at American Reliance Group, Inc. by browsing through this site.


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Kelly C. Ruggles is a fee-based financial planner located in Spokane.
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