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The web site of Kelly C. Ruggles. Kelly Ruggles, President of American Reliance Group, Inc., is a well known educator and fee-based financial planner. |
Kelly Ruggles is the author of "The Financial Playbook" for Retirement.
Kelly C. Ruggles, Financial Planner and Educator

Articles by Kelly Ruggles

Sept, 2013
What is a Reverse Mortgage?

Aug, 2013
Don't Let Your Emotions Cloud Investment Judgment

July, 2013
Ethical Wills: Preserving a Legacy of Values for Your Family and Community

May, 2013
Investor Behavior and the Brass Ring

Jan, 2013
When It Comes to Retirement, Timing Is Everything

May, 2012
Ten-Year Treasury Yields No Match for Inflation

Apr, 2012
Market Volatility Could Make Roth IRA Conversion Appealing

Mar, 2012
High-Yield Bonds: Income Potential at a Price

Feb, 2012
A New World Order: Investing Internationally

Jan, 2012
Weekly Market Recap-January 20, 2012

Dec, 2011
Getting Ready for Tax Season: Changes for 2012

Nov, 2011
New for 2012: Changes to Retirement Plans

Oct, 2011
Realizing Losses: The Psychology of Investing

Sept, 2011
Strategies for Smart Retirement Planning

July, 2011
Dividend-Paying Stocks Gaining Momentum

May, 2011
Three Step Retirement Planning Strategy for Couples

Mar, 2011
Determine Your Asset Withdrawal Strategy

Feb, 2011
Four Tips to Surviving the "New Normal" Economy

Jan, 2011
New Cost Basis Rule Takes Effect in 2011

Dec, 2010
FAQ’s for Near-Retirees

Nov, 2010
High Wage Earners Should Prepare For Higher Taxes

Oct, 2010
Municipal Bonds: Set for a fall?

Sept, 2010
The 529 Plan: A College Funding Tool with Estate Planning Potential

Aug, 2010
2011: A Taxing Year Ahead?

July, 2010
A Closer Look at Inflation-Indexed Bonds

June, 2010
When is Corporate Stock Too Much of a Good Thing?

May, 2010
Understanding Your Employee Stock Options

April, 2010
Company Stock in Your Retirement Account

March, 2010
Bear Market Recovery is Quicker with Small and Value Stocks

February, 2010
Stock Markets and Clouds: The Patterns are Just as Meaningless

January, 2010
Gold Is All The Rage, But It May Not Be A Good Inflation Hedge

November, 2009
Kelly Ruggles Helps Retirees with Customized Retirement Plans

October, 2009
Advance Directives:
Planning Ahead for Your Own Care

June, 2007
The Shag Carpet Dilemma:
Should Long Term Care Be Considered in Your Financial Plan?

May, 2007
Lost: One Black Lexus
Managing Your Portfolio for Long Term Results

April, 2007
The Destiny of (Y)our Echo:
How Are You Preparing the Next Generation?

March, 2007
What's Your Potato?
Cultivating a Clear and Reasoned Investment Plan

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Kelly C. Ruggles, President of American Reliance Group, Inc., is a registered investment advisor. Mr. Ruggles is the author of "The Financial Playbook" for Retirement.

Mr Ruggles does not intend to provide personalized investment advice through this publication and does not represent that the strategies or services discussed are suitable for any investor. Investors should consult with their financial advisors prior to making any investment decisions.