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The web site of Kelly C. Ruggles. Kelly Ruggles, President of American Reliance Group, Inc., is a well known educator and fee-based financial planner. |
Kelly Ruggles is the author of "The Financial Playbook" for Retirement.
Kelly C. Ruggles, Financial Planner and Educator

Table of Contents and Introduction

Chapter 1 – Financial Planning  Link to Chapter

Chapter 2 – Retirement Plans and IRAs  Link to Chapter

Chapter 3 - Insurance and Asset Protection  Link to Chapter

Chapter 4 – Medigap  Link to Chapter  

Chapter 5 - Long-Term Care   Link to Chapter

Chapter 6 – Estate Planning  Link to Chapter 

Chapter 7 – Investing  Link to Chapter

Chapter 8 – Taxes  Link to Chapter

Summary   Link to Chapter 


Your FutureWe live in the information age. Unfortunately it’s easy to become overwhelmed with too much information. It is also common to receive conflicting advice that causes more, not less, confusion. To complicate matters further, tax laws change continually. This means the strategies your parents followed often won’t work for you as they did for them.The key to successful retirement is not just information but education. Education is the process of receiving information in a way that is understandable and relevant to you and your situation.

I have endeavored in this book to distill much of the information that is key to people approaching retirement or already in their retirement years. The goal of this book is to present this information in such a way as to be educational and helpful to you, the reader in making the very best decisions for you and your loved ones.

This book is dedicated to my wife, Kristine, who is the best person I know, and to my two daughters, Aaryn and Alyse. No father could be more proud.

Financial Concerns for Retirement by Kelly C. Ruggles

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